Lazy Weekend

Things at work have finally calmed down (for now) and I realized that I had some major blogging to do. Garrett and I have been busy traveling, working, and celebrating. Last weekend we celebrated- two graduations and one wedding – all back east. It was nice to go home and visit but, it was nice to come back to “not-so-humid” New Mexico.

Garrett and I have been resting this weekend and Garrett has been fighting a nasty bug. Despite feeling under the weather, we’ve enjoyed our time together – dog walking, shopping, and EATING! 






Sick Garrett showing of the Kashi 7 grain waffles I bought. They were really yummy toasted with apple butter, apples and chia seeds. Highly recommend buying them.







   I think the illness has gone to his head! 








Breakfast. Kashi Waffle, Apple Butter and Apples








We spent the rest of Saturday watching movies and snacking. Garrett really needed some down time and it was so nice to have him home with me on a Saturday despite not feeling so well. 

This morning we woke up and had a nice breakfast together and then headed to my co-worker/friend’s house to walk her dog, Emmy. Emmy was a great sport and Garrett enjoyed walking her at the dog park and playing with toys! 





















After Emmy’s walk we went to our favorite coffee shop, The Lucky Bean, and then to World Market and REI so Garrett could get new hiking boots and I could get a new camelback tube. We then got lunch to go from Flying Star and enjoyed it at home.






 The Lucky Bean!










 Lucky Bean Fruit Smoothie








  Queen’s Jubilee Display at World Market











After brushing off the Jubilee Display and commenting about “how silly” the Queen is Sir  Garrett America found the super American and Patriotic Freedom Chips. We didn’t buy them. 









 Cobb Salad from Flying Starr with my favorite dressing of all time – Tomatillo Vinaigrette!






Now, we are back on the couch enjoying Netflix and resting! 

It’s good to be back.


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