Ski Day

My lovely boss gave me a comp. day a few weeks ago so Garrett and I decided to go skiing. He works Tuesday-Saturday and usually goes snowboarding on Mondays and I decided to join him on skis this particular day.

We headed up into the Santa Fe National Forest to Ski Santa Fe. They have over 70 runs that range in elevation from 10-12,000ft.











We decided to head up the mountain (about 20 miles from our house) in the afternoon and purchase and afternoon ski pass. The prices were really reasonable and it wasn’t too crowded. I’ve done some east coast skiing and was really nervous about high elevation skiing and Garrett did a great job of calming my nerves.  We stuck to beginner slopes and had a wonderful time together. The views were spectacular and the company was even better 😛




































A good day was had by all! 



Look what arrived today?!









My first foodie pen pels box. Thanks again Crystal from NY! I’m excited to tell everyone on the 30th about the exciting food items I received today 🙂 

Sneak peak- G and I did thouroughly enjoyed the homemade peanut butter egg so much! Yummo. The perfect treat after tuxedo shopping (for G’s sister’s wedding coming up on May 27th) and dinner. 



















Hello There

Hi Friends,

Sorry I’ve been Missing In Action the past two weeks! Work has been insane with a rebranding campaign and two partnerships – one with NYSE and the other with Sam Adams. Things have been nuts! I’ve eaten pretty well but, my half marathon training has been suffering but, this upcoming week I’m ready to kick back into high-hear. Below is my meal plan for the week 🙂 It is a little sparse and many things will be added along the way. It is just a great place to start for me and G. 

What do you think? Any suggestions? 

  Breakfast Lunch Snack Dinner
Monday Smoothie and Tea Salad /Fruit Fruit Chicken, beans and rice
Tuesday Overnight Oats and Tea Salad/ Fruit Trail Mix Chef Salads with Eggs
Wednesday Smoothie and Tea Salad/Fruit Fruit Lentil Burgers
Thursday Overnight Oats and Tea Salad/Fruit Trail Mix Soba Noodles stirfry
Friday Smoothie and Tea Salad/Fruit Fruit ?