This morning we woke up to snow and decided to take our time moving around because, well, we were both exhausted. Garrett had a very busy and cold week working with Habitat and I wasn’t insanely stressed by work but exercised a ton! This week I attended Hot Yoga twice and ran about 17 miles and biked 10. This morning we took our time getting up and decided to celebrate the time change (ugh) by having breakfast sandwiches. They are a staple around here.

The perfect combination of savory and yummyness!





    Arnold sandwich thin, fried egg, swiss cheese, salsa and pea shoots! 






After our nice quiet breakfast we decided to do some grocery shopping. We frequent Smiths Grocery store because they offer the best combination of affordable healthy food and cheapy bulk food for Garrett. We have a Smith’s card and really enjoy the savings and coupons! 














   Aw, what a guy! Helped me shop, carry in the groceries and put them away! 







After we got our groceries put away we had a fabulous lunch of leftovers and then we went on a 10 mile bike ride on the Santa Fe Rail Trail and Arroyo de los Chamisos Trail. We had a great time and it was so nice to see the snow disappear and the sun shine! I was a little sore on the ride but, enjoyed spending time with G!




    Leftover chicken curry, steamed veggies, and homemade guacamole with black beans for lunch.










 The trail map! 







   Garrett on the trail. Poor guy got 2 flat tires on our ride. 








   Me on the trail! Clearly, the poster child for Bell Bike Helmets! 











  This part of the trail was much steeper than it looks. I definitely struggled up this hill. 







Once we got back home it was almost dinner time. I decided to set up a potato bar for the two of us. We had turkey bacon, salsa, black beans, cheese, pea shoots, and potatoes! It was glorious and…most importantly….simple! 





   It was a hit! 









   I swear a tater is under there! 










  After dinner I didn’t have any WWP points left but, I really needed a sweet treat after this past week! I decided to have some Trader Joe’s cool whip, flax, peanut butter, chocochips, and fresh strawberries. It hit the spot! 



This upcoming week should be nice and laid back. I’m looking forward to some intense runs and lots of Hot Yoga (my new favorite thing)!!!!  

Hope everyone had a nice and SUNNY and FUN weekend! 


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