So, what’s really for dinner?

Hi Friends!

I’m so excited!!!!! I just found out that Blue Moon Hot Yoga in Santa Fe will be offering free classes this Thursday! I’ve wanted to try hot yoga for a while but could never justify the $15/class. Honestly, I just didn’t feel like spending the cash to be stuck in a sweaty and smelly room with people I didn’t know attempting to touch my toes and failing for 90 minutes. Today during my lunch break I was randomly checking their website and found out about the free classes. I convinced a co-worker of mine  to go and she said YES! Thursday should be a lot of fun and I’ll keep everyone posted on how the sweaty toe touching goes 😛

Today was not the best food day. Girl Scout Cookies have been delivered and they seem to be popping up everywhere both at the office and at home. Must…..resist……….cookies! Other than consuming way too many cookies I ate pretty well.

Breakfast consisted of a homemade breakfast burrito with a fried egg, nutritional yeast, salsa and yellow pepper. Here it is wrapped up and ready to hit the road! 









For lunch I had leftover penne from last night. Penne the next day isn’t the best even when heated.











When I got home from work I had to totally fight the urge to NOT demolish our Girl Scout Cookies and decided to make the next best thing – lentils with pea shoots added to the last bit of pasta from last night. Dinner tonight was wicked proof that I desperately need to get groceries. I need more fresh and green things in my life! 




 ERIN, don’t do it!!! 









 Ah, much better. I also added some Green Chile bread to the mix from Golden Crown in Albuquerque! It ended up being a pretty tasty meal. 






Tonight, I’ve come to the conclusion that I should spend less time on my computer and more time reading this! 











Okay, I’m definitely ready for some shut-eye. See y’all tomorrow 🙂


3 thoughts on “So, what’s really for dinner?

  1. Oh Erin, Thanks for the Blog love. Now I may have to stalk you for awhile. Just go with it. 🙂 You know what else you shouldn’t resist….Girl Scout Cookies….it’s easier if you just be done with it. That way, you don’t hear their cries at night begging you to get out of bed at 2am and join them in a cookie party….

    That may or may not have happened to me once…twice…annually……

    • Brittnye! Thanks for hte message of support. I think I might have to break down tonight and show the GS cookies whose boss! Those gosh darn thin mints get me every year! All of a sudden I have a box…and then before I know it…1/2 a sleeve! hehe

  2. Nice cookie substitute! I bet the lentils totally squashed your cravings 🙂 or maybe left you the perfect sized space for a nice little cookie or two.

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