Hooray…the laundry is done!

It has taken me weeks WEEKS to tackle our laundry pile. We have the tiniest washer that only takes like 12 pieces of clothing a load (so annoying). So, I’m happy to announce that ALL OF THE DIRTY LAUNDRY HAS BEEN CLEANED! I’m so happy.     





    The world’s smallest stackable washer and dryer. Ugh…
















Today was a laundry day but also, a shopping day. I have a job interview tomorrow and thought I could use a new outfit. I ended up just buying a new shirt at our local Ralph Lauren Outlet. 




  So, what do you think? Will it look nice with a black pencil skirt? 







Anyway, the past few days have been uneventful but, hopefully (FINGERS CROSSED) I will get a job soon and be a busy lady. Lets hope. 

Check out our dinner from last night. Chef Salad. Yummo. 





   Fantastic 😛 





We ended our laid back evening with FROYO. Still dreaming about it. 








One thought on “Hooray…the laundry is done!

  1. Erin!! I’m happy to have discovered your blog through you discovering mine 🙂 If I knew how to ‘follow’ you… I’d do it back.

    And I think that shirt will look great on you with a pencil skirt. Good luck on your interview!

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