Viva La Fiesta

I had my weigh-in yesterday morning and I’m happy to report that I lost 1.6lbs this week! I decided to weigh-in before the E&G Wine Festival which was a smart move. This week I plan to run every morning and count COUNT count those Weight Watchers Points. I’m in a great place! 

This morning after a light breakfast Garrett and I decided to walk around downtown Santa Fe and visit some of the shops. Check out our adventure pictures below!  


     The Official NM Tourism Bus! 












   In a Christmas Shop in downtown Santa Fe. 








   Southwest tiles










   Garrett’s dream costume

















When we returned home it was lunch time so we decided to have personal pizzas, ice cream, and Oreos! Mmmmm….

Alrighty, bed time! Hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day 🙂 


2 thoughts on “Viva La Fiesta

  1. Hey, Erin! Seeing your photos makes me want to go back to NM IMEDIATELY!! We had such a good time and I waved at you as we passed Santa Fe…did you see me?!? 😉 I did think of you though. We just got back very early Wednesday AM. When we get out there for good, we’ll have to plan a meet up. Silver City is a ways from Santa Fe, but then you know the place and can show us around! Best of luck on your new job!! What are you doing??

    • He Fran! Your trip looked absolutely fabulous…and yes, I saw you wave! hehe. We most definitely will have to show you two around when you move out here. New Mexico is such a wonderful place. You should check out my latest post. My boyfriend and I hiked 12 miles through Aspen trees changing colors this morning. It was absolutely spectacular. Such a great way to start fall/October.Anyway, for my job I’m actually commuting to ABQ from Santa Fe every day…I’m working for a micro-finance nonprofit and loving every minute of it. Enjoy home but come to NM SOON!!! Have a good week 🙂

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