E & G Wine Fest 2011

Garrett and I were planning to go to the Albuquerque Wine Festival today but instead decided to stay home, save our money and have our own wine celebration. We bought snacks and beverages from Trader Joe’s and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. 




   Our spread! We had Two Buck Chuck, toasted bread, cheese, grapes, salsa, and pretzels! 






Garrett pouring the first glass. 










  Garrett explaining our wine label. It was really Two Buck Chuck ($3.00 wine from TJs-nothing special). 













   Enjoying the Wine Festival. Maybe a little too much?!





For dinner I decided to make Shepherd’s Pie to celebrate the premier of Inspector Lewis. Garrett used to have Shepherd’s Pie in Oxford so I thought I’d take a stab at it.

Man, it was good (G said it was better than the British version he had).

I’m definitely going to add this 7pt dish to our regular meal list. 



   Demolished! Excited for leftovers tomorrow.






Alright, off to watch my show and relax with G. Have a good night blogworld! 



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