dip ’em, munch ’em, everybody loves ’em

Pretty lazy day…

Had a kickin sandwich for lunch and some punkin’ beer. It was nice to take it easy today. Marathon training starts this week as does commuting on the train/biking to work. Lots of firsts this week. Looking forward to it…

Split a pumpkin beer with G!













Turkey, tomato, swiss, black bean dip, spinach, and mustard on sourdough. Kickin lunch.







Chocolate FroYo with white chocolate peanut butter and puffins. Such a great way to end a meal! I might have gone back for seconds…hehe.




Have a great week blogland!


Hey Blog, Sorry I neglected you this week!

Hello Blogworld-

Man, this week was absolutely crazy! I started a new job (YAY) ¬†that is about an hour away. So, I was up early and home late and zero time to update my blog ūüė¶ This week I’m going to try my best to post.

Today Garrett and I had a relaxing day watching football and eating butternut squash and homemade chicken tenders. I ended the evening with a quick shopping trip and got everything ready for the upcoming week.



So freakin tasty!








A happy footballwatcher/ chicken strip eater!








I decided to have my chicken tenders in a salad. Yummy choice!









Mmm…roasted butternut squash….fall has arrived!






See you soon interwebs! Good Night ūüôā

Happy 24th Birthday, Garrett!

Happy 24th Birthday, Garrett! I’m so glad you were born and that we are together. Here’s to you¬†best friend….

We celebrated G’s Birthday and the first day of my new job by going out to dinner and enjoying margaritas back at home. We both had an excellent day. Cheers!¬†

Glorieta Ghost Town

Garrett and I were up bright and early this morning to hike a 7 mile loop around Glorieta’s Ghost Town. The Northern New Mexico town attracted prospectors looking for gold and silver in the late 1800s. Lets just say there wasn’t much to find…

We came across a number of awesome ruins including a sawmill, cars, mines, graves, and an old hotel. Check out our adventure pictures below. 


Garrett isn’t so sure about the Ghost Town hike.









Do you like my new ride? 







   Hotel ruins 










   New Friends? 














  Not the sturdiest bridge 











¬† ¬†This guy tried to follow us home…I wish!¬†





After our hike we headed home to enjoy some pancakes and football!











Tomorrow is Garrett’s birthday and my first day of work. Yippeee…new beginnings!¬†

My favorite (almost 24 yr. old)  guy about to do the recycling! 


New Things



New Southwest themed earrings! 










     A new apron. When I saw this I just had to have it! 







Tomorrow, Garrett and I are starting the day with a hike and then watching football and cleaning. I need to get the house straight for the upcoming week because I have to work. Yep, I got a job…details to follow later!¬†

Hooray…the laundry is done!

It has taken me weeks WEEKS to tackle our laundry pile. We have the tiniest washer that only takes like 12 pieces of clothing a load (so annoying). So, I’m happy to announce that ALL OF THE DIRTY LAUNDRY HAS BEEN CLEANED! I’m so happy. ¬† ¬†¬†





¬† ¬† The world’s smallest stackable washer and dryer. Ugh…
















Today was a laundry day but also, a shopping day. I have a job interview tomorrow and thought I could use a new outfit. I ended up just buying a new shirt at our local Ralph Lauren Outlet. 




  So, what do you think? Will it look nice with a black pencil skirt? 







Anyway, the past few days have been uneventful but, hopefully (FINGERS CROSSED) I will get a job soon and be a busy lady. Lets hope. 

Check out our dinner from last night. Chef Salad. Yummo. 





¬† ¬†Fantastic ūüėõ¬†





We ended our laid back evening with FROYO. Still dreaming about it. 







Viva La Fiesta

I had my weigh-in yesterday morning and I’m happy to report that I lost 1.6lbs this week! I decided to weigh-in before the E&G Wine Festival which was a smart move. This week I plan to run every morning and count COUNT count those Weight Watchers Points. I’m in a great place!¬†

This morning after a light breakfast Garrett and I decided to walk around downtown Santa Fe and visit some of the shops. Check out our adventure pictures below!  


     The Official NM Tourism Bus! 












   In a Christmas Shop in downtown Santa Fe. 








   Southwest tiles










¬† ¬†Garrett’s dream costume

















When we returned home it was lunch time so we decided to have personal pizzas, ice cream, and Oreos! Mmmmm….

Alrighty, bed time! Hope everyone enjoyed Labor Day ūüôā¬†

E & G Wine Fest 2011

Garrett and I were planning to go to the Albuquerque Wine Festival today but instead decided to stay home, save our money and have our own wine celebration. We bought snacks and beverages from Trader Joe’s and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.¬†




   Our spread! We had Two Buck Chuck, toasted bread, cheese, grapes, salsa, and pretzels! 






Garrett pouring the first glass. 










  Garrett explaining our wine label. It was really Two Buck Chuck ($3.00 wine from TJs-nothing special). 













   Enjoying the Wine Festival. Maybe a little too much?!





For dinner I decided to make Shepherd’s Pie to celebrate the premier of Inspector Lewis. Garrett used to have Shepherd’s Pie in Oxford so I thought I’d take a stab at it.

Man, it was good (G said it was better than the British version he had).

I’m¬†definitely¬†going to add this 7pt dish to our regular meal list.¬†



   Demolished! Excited for leftovers tomorrow.






Alright, off to watch my show and relax with G. Have a good night blogworld! 


Inspector Lewis


In less than 10 hours I will be watching the season premier of Inspector Lewis on Public Television. I’m a HUGE FAN of this mystery mini-series. For those of you that have not heard of Inspector Lewis it is a spin-off the Inspector Morse suspense series and books and is set¬†in Oxford, England. I really enjoy the show because you get to see different parts of Oxford.¬†Garrett studied there for a semester ( I was studying in Italy at the same time) and I got to visit and just fell in love with the place. Besides the scenery and location, the plots are very complex and I’m always upset when an episode comes to an end.

Tonight! 9pm! PBS! 

Check your local listings. 

Here we are in November 2008 at the Eagle and Child Pub in Oxford, England. The Eagle and Child is where the Inklings writers’ group met including J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis! I’m not sure if the pub has ever been featured in an Inspector Lewis episode…maybe this season !!?!!¬†

September 2 Foodsies

After our hike I had a nice wrap that had SWEET POTATO (I know, I know SP again). I took a TJ’s whole grain tortilla wrap, added a laughing cow cheese, tomato, turkey, and SP and panini’d it! I also had some carrot sticks and TJ pretzels with hummus.¬†

















For dinner we decided to tap into our Inner-Pueblo and have a southwest inspired casserole! 

Preheat the oven to 350*F and then mix cooked chicken, a can of black beans, a cup of reduced fat cheddar cheese, a jalapeno pepper, a pinch of cumin and pepper, and greek yogurt in a bowl and set aside. 










Then cut 6 corn tortillas in half and layer a greased pie plate with about 4 of them. Add about 1/3 of the¬†black bean/chicken mix and then add another layer of corn tortillas until you have used up all of your¬†ingredients. (Special note: I decided to add tomato slices to each layer…feel free to add any other fresh veggies you like)¬†













Then pop your layered thing into the oven for 30 minutes until the cheese bubbles. 




After some time in the oven. It will come out looking like this…









Feel free to add some salsa or hot sauce. Check out our bulk Tapatio hot sauce! We put it on everything and I’ve also noticed if you use hot sauce you won’t eat as fast which has always been my main problem. I eat so fast ¬†not realizing that if I took my time and slowed down I wouldn’t eat as much.¬†



¬† Dad always said, “Don’t eat anything that is bigger than your head!”








Then, the most important part of the evening: Get your adorable boyfriend to do the dishes because you slaved in the kitchen for the past 45 minutes over a home cooked meal! *I’ll make sure to get some ocular proof soon that Garrett does actually clean up at our house*