I’ve been doing Weight Watchers Plus since January 2011 and have lost about 15lbs. Before joining I had lost about 10lbs. I like the plan because it teaches you the importance of exercise, portion control, hydration and fresh fruits/veggies! I stuck with it for about 6 months until the beginning of the summer (June 5th). This summer was very busy and VERY HUMID making it hard to exercise both indoors and outdoors. 

So, off the wagon I fell.

I’ve officially been back on the plan for about a week and I decided to weigh in yesterday morning to see how much trouble I had gotten into. Much to my surprise I had only gained 1lb since the June 5th weigh in. I’m happy that even though I didn’t exercise a ton or track food I still made smart food choices. That is exactly what Weight Watchers is about …habit changes. I feel that it will be easier to jump back into the swing of things with having only gained 1lb. Yippee….

Anyway, check out some of my pictures of meals from the past two days. 



Tomato, Basil, Egg, Cheese, Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich






Homemade gnocchi








Spicy Turkey Tacos with all the fixins





Well, good night blogland. It has been real. I’m off to bed to dream of froyo…





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