Teal Couch

I’m enjoying a relaxing afternoon of blogging and cleaning while Garrett is out hiking. For lunch I had some leftover sushi, Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup, and a hearty sandwich made from last night’s baguette. I capped off the meal with the cutest little Gala apple (not pictured). 








I’d also like to give an apartment update. Our flat is still *under construction*.  We want to purchase things that are an investment and worth our dollar so, we are taking our time setting everything up. However, we do have some neat things to show off! 




A TEAL COUCH! We bought it from Target for a decent price and I think it will serve us well. It moves into 5 different positions including a bed so…what are you waiting for? Come visit Santa Fe and sleep on our TEAL COUCH! 




We were thinking of not purchasing a television but, I’m a Public Television addict and Garrett enjoys watching football in the fall so, we decided to get one. Last night we purchased a 32″ Panasonic LED TV. Its pretty nice. I was a little taken a back when I realized that  TVs were so expensive and that you can’t buy a normal set you have to buy a fancy flat screen thing. There we have it. 





   Garrett’s music corner. This boy loves to practice his instruments and even has own section in our apartment to work on his craft! 






New comforter and lamp! 














This lovely cutting board was a gift from Carol and Howard Hughes. It was a parting gift when I left Maryland. I really admire Howard’s work and love the fact that my cutting board used to be an old gym floor in New Jersey. Yes, Howard repurposed wood and made cutting boards and I was lucky enough to get one. Check out his website! 




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