Laughing Lemon Cookies

I finished watching Season 4 of Mad Men this afternoon and then headed to Trader Joe’s to do the weekly grocery shopping. Man, that place is always packed! I must make a mental note to go later in the day next time. I got all kinds of yummy veggies, baking ingredients, and lunch supplies.

I wasn’t super hungry for dinner but I did pick up a baguette, cheese and sushi for a light dinner with Garrett.  We enjoyed ourselves! 












I ❤ bread and Laughing Cow Cheese! Clearly. 







We rounded off a not so well-rounded meal with TJ’s Lemon Cookies.

5 of them for 4 WWP Points. Nice!

They satisfy my sweet tooth but don’t make me want to eat the whole container. Wow, self- control in action.


Tomorrow, Garrett is planning to hike Santa Fe Baldy and I think I’m going to hike/run on some local trails that are not at 12,632ft. 

Well, so long blog world. Have a great night! 




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