Farmer’s Market and Flying Star Cafe

After a nice morning jog around the neighborhood Garrett and I headed to the Santa Fe Farmer’s Market.

The Market has its own building and enough space for over 50 vendors. It is open Tuesday nights, Thursday afternoons, and Saturday mornings. There were a ton of local farmers, bakers, artisans, and musicians.

Garrett outside the market!







Here I am at the other end of the market in the Railyard with our one purchase, a new basil plant. I’m OBSESSED with basil and will definitely dedicate an entire post to it later.





After walking around the Farmer’s Market we headed to a local joint, The Flying Star Cafe, for breakfast.  The Cafe is known for making everything from scratch using local ingredients. The atmosphere was very open and laid back but, the service was very fast. Definitely check it out if you are in the Santa Fe area! 

Garrett had the Country Breakfast and I had the Southwest Bennie which consisted of 2 fried eggs on top of an English muffin and turkey sausage with chile cheese sauce and a cup of fruit on the side. It was scrumptious! I decided to save half of it for lunch. 








After our breakfast we headed to REI so Garrett could look at some hiking maps and boots. The maps were a little pricey so he didn’t get one but, it was still fun to check out the outdoor equipment. 





 Aw, a boy and his maps! 







I’m off to watch some Mad Men and eat the other half of my Bennie. Mmmm….

Enjoy your Saturday! 


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